River of Life

Here I am skipping church, spending the time at a watering hole in Stokesville and getting cold and hot, sun and water,  four or five times before lolloping home again. There was a family fishing and I could see some 8 inch fish in the water. There was an 80’s plus person sitting in a tube enjoying the water with extended family. It turned out I knew her sister and niece and had spent a day with them in the Rawley Springs river ten years ago. 

I had risen in the night to chant and meditate for an hour or so and in the morning woke at dawn and did the Kundalini set of chanting and exercises followed with my personal prayer to the nameless one asking for that kind of money to be in my life. 

As I awoke just before dawn, I was aware of a great feeling of energy going all through me, releasing and relaxing me profoundly and I did not do it myself, just felt it going up through me. 

A night or two before I felt a similar movement of a rippling wavelike energy move through me, during a meditation. That last one was barley catchable while the former was more real, as I laid back into it.

From the Dreams

I was given the gift of a dream of a hand holding a knife (as a tattoo,  on the forearm) and a sword on the upper arm (also a tattoo held by a hand.) 

My scribbles of a dream I am given. I had to listen more than once to the recording.

The above sent me looking in my books as to what the knife and sword can mean.

After reading some reams about sword and knife dream symbols, (Cyrlott’s Symbols and Adrienne’s Clue, the two books I was able to locate after my move,) I decided to go with what I felt could be a meaning for the dreamer.

This individual who had the dream has always gotten tattoos, as an expression of individuality, an expression of passion. So their unconscious uses the tattoos to get attention, which it did.  The dreamer wanted the picture of the tattoo artist on the body but got the sword and the knife instead and upon awakening felt mightily pleased at how great it looked among existing tattoos. 

This male artist is the dream is an animus, inner male figure, that one that is now making connection, and will give discernment in individual and work life, helping with the ability to see and to judge. 

I feel this applied to the tattoo artist of the dream.

Falling in love with a dream tattoo artist from the unconscious, now made conscious in the dream brings something from the feeling world, (a marvelous feeling came with the dream) represented by the knife and the sword, phallic penetrating abilities, through the arm. 

The knife to operate, investigate, cut out and the sword for protection, power, decrement and other gifts. It is close by in the arm now. 

From the River

The roots of the tree under which I was turned around.

The lovely river flows through the small town I live above. I can see how it flows by the ribbon of fog that is often over it in the mornings. I feel compelled to go there at least once a day, especially in this hot weather, often in the nineties.

Morning Fog over the River.

I ride my bike if I have a lazy day and have energy for the ride. I sit in the river and cool off and that gives me energy for the uphill ride back home.

The Canopy Above

Yesterday evening I travelled by car there with my friend, as it was getting to evening time. It was a bit rainy but I blew it off and said I would be getting wet anyways. 

The river is no more than mid thigh at its deepest at this favorite place I often go. There are two great trees on either side of it where there is a mown path down to the water. It is a bit rocky in the water. I like a walking stick to steady me up on the rocks but I often leave home without it. It can be a bit boring when I have to take the dip on your own, until I move into the beauty of the present moment.

So green and so pretty

I was temped to not immerse my head but that did not last long. Soon I was on my back in the water looking up at the canopy above. Under the big maple trees, as I look into the flowing river coming toward me, the water rattles over stones before it goes deeper under the tree. Many of the roots are exposed. I decided to swim into this slightly deeper flow. 

There is a couple of feet to swim against the current. Then I laid on my back as I came to a stop, where those stones are gurgling. As I lay there the current gently turned me around, 180 degrees. After completing this half circle, I started to move ever so slowly with the flow of the water. 

A little clam I found in the water.

This was a magnificent feeling to me. My body through so also and I was taken by a long slow audible breath that came from deep within. I was in the hands of the great mother river. 

And I did it again. Yes, there was that complete relaxation breath again, not planned but given to me.

I write this for you, and want it to be of help to you, to consider dreams and to meditate a time or two daily and or nightly. I have a client who said she puts on Bible Verses and falls asleep to that. Another listens to meditation on an app. 

I seem to pass out before I do anything at all but I am often woken up at the 2.00 am time and get some meditation going them.

I will pray for my readers and You can pray for me. God knows I need it all the time. 

Flowers from a Porto Rica Garden

I am thinking for working with people with dreams and doing a podcast about it. Hopefully I will have some studio access, a helper and will get going. It is time now. Love from Rose. 

My favorite image from the river.

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