What does the Great Spirit Think

Completed while my daughter sang her numbers at the Pale Fire. Love you over and over is one of her songs. (Annabeth sings)

It is a beautiful morning in Bridgewater and while outside on the deck, I was in time to see the geese fly down to the river. It seems my house is on their throughway and I got to see maybe two hundred of them flying overhead in varied groups within a space of ten minutes. One big group became known to me by the shadow they cast onto the lawn after skimming over my roof. It made me laugh to look up and  see their undersides lit up by light of the morning sun. 

There is a Boat coming in full of helpful heart energies.

I did a small dream workshop last week. The hot topics were racism and justice. So only one person who signed up came and another person who had much experience with dream work.

There was something fearful, zombie like related in one dream. I opened the discussion on fears to the dreamer. They looked down and said that it could be about the thoughts they had while driving to the conference. They wondered openly about what God thought of them. 

From the dreams. — a little defended

Now that stopped me in my tracks. It is so relevant to consider that question but I never had it put to me before in this way. It is the existential question for us all.

There was a lysis of the dream that a certain “cord” would solve the problem. Something not from the indents of the mind but something coming in from the depths of the unconscious, other energies needed to carry them past the fears, to get them rolling in the right direction, where the Spirit leads. It was the way Frodo got past Gollum when his path was blocked in a narrow tunnel. 

Mushrooms that suddenly appeared and after a night of rain were gone.

So when I got back from the conference, I went to a morning meditation and was riveted on this question. I was sitting in a circle with others. The words that came to me next were surprising. When I was in my early twenties in Ireland we focused on the Eurovision Song Contest to see who would be selected from Ireland to compete in Europe. The whole country watched. It was in the above meditation when the tune and the words of one of the songs up for selection came to me.  “Come closer, come closer and listen, the beat of my heart keeps on missing” and that was it. 

I saw the light near me from where the words now come. I put my hand out to connect with that light. Now my heart is not missing came from that lighted spot.

I often practice my mother’s favorite sone “Sweet Heart of Jesus” on my melodica, and I have read of accounts and heard personally accounts of walking in the heart of Jesus (one person) and another account in a book about pastoral counseling, how a Jewish woman came to a christian group to process a dream about Jesus showing her his bleeding heart. When she processed the dream they got the distinct idea that Jesus was promising her healing. 

The above help me determine how high the river is.

The other dreamer said she was walking in the chambers of the heart of Jesus and could see where there were knife wounds in the heart. She connected them to her fears, depression, inability to move forward. The dream helped her get out of bed and get back to work. 

I feel this meditation helped me and connected me to that line, that cord between me and the light and love and healing. My line is thin but I have something in me that is beautifully made to connect with that light, hold that light and increase that light.

Art making at the Conference- based on a dream fragment

My physical and mental just need more training on how to bring me into my heart and out of my head. Meditation is the training for me. Asking The Nameless One directly, in meditation “are you well pleased” with what I am doing, with the talents you gave me for this life.

I am reading the book “Autobiography of a Yogi” and it is very delightful to read about devotion to the Diving Mother. His description of the divine Mother was “Hallowed in splendor, the Divine Mother stood before me. Her face tenderly smiling, was beauty itself.”

Painting at the river – I tore up my old watercolors trying to find new images for the Mother.

 “Always have I loved thee! Ever shall I love thee!” were the words that the author received from the Divine Mother Presence. This apparition which he received in meditation corresponds to my mother’s vision described in an earlier blog about my Mother’s Kundalini experience.”

Foggy morning on the deck shows off the spider webs – such a miracle from the creator of it all.

Two really small birds on the deck this morning as I did my Qi Gong exercises with Elizabeth Scott leading on the phone. The Carolina wren looked wet and tattered after a rainy night. That bird was able to sing its heart out. They were looking for the melon rinds that were left out in the rain, which I had summerly put into the compost bucket nearby. I will put them on the deck again now to not disappoint them. It was obvious from the little humming bird that it was there for the melon rinds too, the way he flew around the spot where they were not five minutes before.

You too can sing to the river, with words that say you are sorry we disregard its innate purity and potential to return to that.

So I will leave you with the thought that you can get in touch with that by which Mother Creator creates, inside and outside of you and that you have that structure to connect into that and be open and available to that. May the talents you brought with you into this blue jewel of a planet increase one hundred fold. Sing to the Divine Mother, sing to the rivers, her veins. Love from Rose Marie. 

Little creature of the River

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