All Kinds of Color on the Trees

The tree of good and evil sat so beautifully in the garden of eden. It sits beautifully in our personal yard. We prune it, we orient it toward our pet peeves, our least liked people and of course our most liked people. We have at least twelve fruits and they look beautiful on our tree. However as we knash our teeth on them they are bitter in our bellies. They do not do us any good. 

Many Trees in West Virginia near Cast.

We were categorically told to not eat from the tree of good and evil. Some say we had to eat from the tree of good and evil and go in that circle so that we can come back to the same place we started from but on a different rung of our ladder. We just had to feel into the good the bad and the ugly. 

No ugly trees out in West Virginia

So we can be back again to that place of beginning and we are still in the garden of eden. Is it better to make judgements about everything or to deeply accept where we find ourselves and say thank you? Buiochas – Thank you. All encounters are for our good, to learn the next lesson, to be triggered so much that we cough something up from the past or to feel the pain so intensely, that we burn out something blocking us. Then we start another walk and talk with God about the Tree of Life inside. 

From the car closer to Franklyn

 Better to go inside and visit with the other layer of spirit that gets us off the tree of Good and Evil and help us let go of the bark of the tree of good and evil. Better to get into the center of the tree of life and find the sap going up and being with that river of pure christ love living there. The Holy Spirit inside.

The regular mind wants to protect us and have us decide this is good, to my advantage and that is evil and not to my advantage. This mixture is tricky, sticky. This will bump me up on the log of me and have me slide off into my own selfish slime, protect me and mine only, remain dead to the spirit. Fall down that tree of good and evil and get off the log of that outside hardness of the selfish. 

The sky was very blue

Start again, reject the me of it all, the good and evil and dance over to the Tree of Life. 

The superconscious mine of God is our link and is really the tree of life of ourselves. The telephone line is inside to our Gods/Goddesses. Trying our best from the regular mind is all about saying prayers, is saying what we need help with. Watch and pray into the dream images asking for the forgotten language of God to speak to us. Meditating is leaving the regular mind and swimming toward the mind of God in us; asking for help with using patience, love, understanding and peace. The will of God is not beyond finding out.

A little unexplained smoke showing up on the photo

One person said she is a good person and we know her as a good person, but she was able to see that her inner thoughts were not so good and she now had to consider that. Putting a blessing on a driver that irritated her was part of seeing herself. Could she consider putting a blessing on the person that comes her way even as that driver confronts her with a speedy car around a corner, over a hill.  

She can do it until she feels the blessing she puts out and feels the boomerang of the blessing coming back to her. She is a soldier now of christ and is connecting with the spiritual. It is hard but the promise is that the “yoke is easy, the load is light.” 

Bark of a stick

This discipline of meditation is there for us. One good man said after a slight heart attack, I doubled my meditation time and did that doubling again and again. He knew his time was short and after a brush with death knew what was important to him. 

I have done some doubling here and there and as I lie in silence, I feel a certain push into what is of God in me and in pushing in there I feel the release from myself, from my pains, from my worries. A sciatic pain is a great motivator over a period of weeks. 

Growing on the ground on some old bark

Meditation and putting invocation into kindness, patience, forgiveness and prayer we are then in contact with the subconscious which is another layer of the mind and it connects us to spiritual activity. 

Sitting in silence now, not reading about it but doing it so that the bliss can be felt, the happiness upon us.

Collecting up some wood for others

As the meditation teacher said, “We all are Mothers of God, giving birth to that of God in ourselves every day.” My mother’s favorite prayers were “Hail Maries to the Mother of God,” repeated at least fifty times on a daily basis. I have the red rosary beads she was working with before she died. It was in the pocket of a blue raincoat and the cross was broken on it. My oldest sister gave it to me and I like to have it. Sometimes I try and say it in latin and love those vowel laden words, “in Mulieribus” translated is “among women.”

An old wood dump being put to use.

I am reading a lovely book called the “Gentle Art of Counseling” and I appreciate the writers take on Jesus as the Great Counsellor, and his pointing the way to God. I continue to read Revelations and felt an inkling of that love John felt as he transformed himself from the good and evil dichotomy into the Tree of Life person he became as he followed the great counsellor himself, Jesus. 

Doing the will of God is Loving God it seems. I hope you can inch toward that, line upon line, ring upon ring of the Tree of Life of yourself. I pray for my readers and you pray for me. A tree of Life that is on fire yet does not Burn up. 

Love you all, Rose

Happy to be out on the Mountains in West Virginia.

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