Wild and Wonderful West Virginia 2

I am sitting out here on a logging road enjoying the sunshine. I came down here on a “side by side”, four wheeler and am leaning up on a log or two and catching the sunshine before it goes behind the side of the mountain. On the way down we saw a big Buck, with its white tail flashing us, as it ran away from the noise we were making with the four wheeler.

A small jet plain flew above this quiet valley just moments ago. It was like the ones that fly out of Virginia Beach from the Air Station there. It was very noisy but brief and I barely caught sight of it above the ridge to the north. I still hear it warbling around in the distance behind these immediate mountains. There is another fly by later but I look up and do not see it.  A brown leaf is coming down silently at a fast spin on me. 

From the dreams – during session

I spent the morning exercising out of my hip and leg some pain and stiffness. The sun shone on a warm protected porch and I broke out in a sweat as I continued. There was a beautiful Pileated Woodpecker that flew into a tree beside me and I saw the magnificent white pattern on the underside of its winds as it flew away. 

A flicker sat at the top of a tree for a while and big sparrow landed beside me on the porch. There was a wren to my left and a flock of grey little birds with white breasts nearby. A flock of even smaller birds, no bigger than a quarter were picking in the gravel. It was a treat to see them all around me. I opened my hands in prayer in the hopes of some one of them landing on my hand but they did not. The Woodpecker flew over one more time. I was satisfied with that and though of the words to the song “For the Beauty of the Earth.” I might have sang it a time or two. 

Right side of the brain exercise

My leg is a bit better but reminds me of its existence with the sting some of the time on my upper leg between the knee and hip. I forgot it and insist on sitting here in the sun. I am taking some supplements and managing it better since I am using something called the Radiac Device. I usually meditate while I use that and that bring me a lot of peace too. Before I used that Radiac Device (From Edgar Cayce Readings.)I was crying with pain. I have used it on and off over the years since 1990. 

Last night I was helped by lying over the end of the bed with my knees hanging off and not on the ground. I was balanced by my feet. I had a dream about kneeling to help my leg problem. I did not do much  actual kneeling as it was so uncomfortable. I slip off the bed and did my meditation on the ground. I have no clue for how long or what time but was very peaceful at the end of it. 

Fall has been so colorful to me this year. This view was West Virginia.

Most of the time while exercising I am in prayer. I am “watching and praying” asking for that by which God creates to be with me. I  repeat and believe this will help. I do not seem to be open to operations at this time, other than those preformed by God.

Dream Time

My dream from last night 10/21/22. I dream of two sinarios side by side. 

One of them was related to the underlayment which is going to be part of the new carpet installment. There is some issue with it and Doctor Piedmont is down looking at it and trying to lift the top layer so we can use it. A daughter is nearby and seems to be shaking her head as if to say she is not helping with that.

These “black tulips” from my old house got to stay there. I loved to see them in the springtime.

A parallel dream, is about a big wolf/fox that I see at the same time as I see two beautiful twin fawns turning around. The fox animal has a beautiful coat of outer black shiny hairs and underneath brown/white hairs. It does not seem to be threatening the fawns. I get up personal with him, he is looking at me to see if he will take me on, eat me as it were. Then I am getting a hold of his hairs on his chin and trying to pull them out one by one and it is very hard, He is more like a man at this point. 

So I am drawn back to that dream about the fawns and the foxy man business. If he represents my inner man, my Animus, them I am taking him on. Will I continue to be eaten by the pain or will I engage with it hair by hair until I have pulled out that which is causing me to be not in touch with that by which the creator creates. 

Painting at the river – I tore up my old watercolors trying to find new images.

Can I keep those lovely fawns safe? I will need to watch or the wrong/bad attitude that does not want to pay attention to detail, that showed up in the first dream will cause trouble for me. 

My house sold and I did pray for the creative to enter and within a few days I had a contract. I am very thankful for  that experience with the Creator. I lean into it for myself now for interpretation of dreams, my own and others, and for healing. I am caring for my body better by what I told you above. I hope you can get past your own blocks, as I have to do the same. You pray for me and I will for you, my readers. Love from Rose here with the breeze rustling through the dried leaves on the oaks. Love you all.

Cool autumn morning in the mountains near Cast, West Virginia.

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  1. Rural Pen says:

    So have you move to West Virginia?

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