Rainbow on the Water

In August, my green thumbed partner planted greens, at my request. We went to the local store and the only greens left, of which I got five different varieties, included endive, collards, turnip and two  kale varieties. They all came up with some September rain with gay abandon and I have had greens on my plate almost every day since then. I also got about fifteen kale plants from a client who generously was thinning her own and gave me the extra bounty. They all survive too. 

The collard greens

I have rounded up a good few of the green larvae, that are intent on eating those client plants, as fast as they can. I remember my mother, in her Irish garden planted in different field’s in different years,  using her hand to squash such larvae, who had the nerve to attack her cabbages.

I do not want to loose these plants in this round of frozen wind, which has arrived today. Other frost does not seem to have bothered them too much, except to stall out growth while it is happening. 

A frosty morning at sunrise

I have decided to pray for them, as I am not ready to have them disappear. I had hoped that the snow would cover them up but it was around thirty seven degrees yesterday, when it was raining hard. So no cover up. Right now they look hunkered down out there, frozen stiff, and no movement at all in the wind.  I had started a pack of parsley seed,  which is very young, I hope it survives also. 

On a mild day I take the greens to the river for an outdoor lunch. Chickweed and endive are in this salad.

Eating those greens is very helpful for my health, especially arthritic tendencies. I have some days when it is very little, the pain, I mean and energy is great at times too. With the deluge of parties and presents it is hard to stay on the straight and narrow of little junk food. Right now I am looking for some balance, meaning the sum of the squares of the greens is equal to the sum of the squares of the other trash foods.

It is easy to get unbalanced and pick up some cold/flu stuff which is going around hotly in this neck of the woods. I am particularly having conversations with Jesus (as advised by my bible study group) to help me look forward to more greens and leave the rest.

One of my sister’s mother-in-law is dying. She has been sick and the family look after her all the time now as she nears the end of her roundabout on the earth. I felt moved to pray for her and my sister and her family, as my sister spends time at night with her dying mother in law. My sister is a true believer and feels the peace and silence of God in the night, keeping vigil.

Christmas Cactus in bloom a month ago – it could not wait.

Last week I went to the river twice on my bike, so I could pray by the river. I have found a log to sit on near the water, and I sit and listen to two rivers coming together. The river to my right and the river further down to my left have two distinctive sounds coming to me in stereo. It is a quiet place to meditate, back from the road and with a bank behind shielding me with privacy and silence.

A recent picture of the river at sundown, when family visited earlier this month.

The old yogi said he always sits to meditate when he is near a body of water. The water is up in the river due to recent snows and rain. 

It is getting on toward evening and the sun is fast lowering in the sky through the trees. The sunlight plays on the water. I see some purple and blue mist above the water, reflected in the fine spray just over the far bank, where the sun  give me the start of a rainbow. I settle to meditate and close my eyes, but not before I take some pictures and see a green streak show up in the middle of the river joining  the other river. It is a luminous green. 

Another time when the river is lower and slower and like a mirror all over.

I hear the beautiful river sounds and feel the wave that accompanies the river flow, flow over me too. I say the Our Father, I connect it to my chakra, up my back system and into my head and feel a flow of peace of my own. I watch and pray within and then before I finish I send out love, light and healing to my sister’s family. I finish with the 23rd Psalm and then I open my eyes. 

My eyes come across the water, watching a misty rainbow all across the river. The lowering sun caught the mist, over the fast flowing water, just right to give me the lovely rainbow right beside me. I could see the glassy square pieces of the rushing river, acting mirror for the sun, now below in the water, shine up to create the rainbow ribbons above the river for me. 

While the rainbow did not translate in the photos I did get this photo of the near river and the one further away, further up the screen.

The colors were moving and moving to me in my meditative state and I remember I saw rainbows, around the time my mother died.

A good friend’s son died earlier this year and she was relieved when the dog died, as she knew it would help her deceased son to have the dog with him. I can not imagine what that transition does to a devoted mother and send prayers for her and her husband now.  

Where the two rivers meet giving an idea of the blueness involved.

As I speed my bike home, I do not think much about the uphills, but stay lost in prayer and in the beautiful river images. 

As it comes to the end of the advent period before the birthday of Jesus, I send peace, love and light to all my readers. In your prayers and meditations, as you increase your own, you have more to send out and of course it always comes back to you sometimes one hundred fold. Be calling on that by which the creator creates – abundance one hundred fold. Love from Rose. 

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