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Love in Life, Life in Love

I told you in a former blog about my friend, who found that, “We all love each other already.” This saying had become a touchstone always for my friend and helped in working with everyone, whatever the fault, the addiction, … Continue reading

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The Equinox and my dream

I had to give my cats back to their owner and leave my friend’s garden. Today I took pictures of my inner plants. The Vernal Equinox Prayer May you make time in your light filled life for the inner light … Continue reading

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Smile and Smile and be a Villain

A short story about how the Divine Feminine can come through you and disturb the inner man in another. How story and drawing brings another layer to be considered, connected to spiritual in man. Continue reading

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Healing Ritual before Surgery.

Healing Ritual based on the Our Father Healing Ritual. Healing Ritual Song . Opening Song (Sing to tune of Mari’s Wedding) Step we gaily on we go, heel for heel and toe for toe Arm and arm as on we … Continue reading

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