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A Dream Jogs my Earlier life Back into Focus.

Much of my earlier life is very definite in my mind, yet when I try and remember some of the fine details they can escape me. What did the railway station in Howth look like? And the way between the … Continue reading

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Hands of Light – Wheels of Light

Looking for something to do, as a result of having a dream, is a very important part of interpreting the dream. In this way we are embodying our dream into our daily life and saying to the unconscious, thank you and come again. I say the same to you for reading. “Thank you and come again.” Continue reading

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Soup and the Leprechaun Story 6

Leprechaun Story 6 The next morning he was interrupted by his wife, Mariah, who wanted him to help her put a bed skirt on the bed. He felt it was a profoundly unmanly thing in the first place and “a … Continue reading

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Happy Easter Greetings

On Easter Sunday morning, I fell into a tomb in the garden. The man was dead, bound and gagged with linen cloths around his body and around his head. There were great jars of spices. The tomb smelled of the … Continue reading

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  The House – 1 My mother in her nineties told me again about a vision she had when she was my age. She went on a tour with the local churches, to a site in the far south of Ireland, … Continue reading

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Water Fall by the Wayne River

I spent a warm afternoon by the Wayne River in later February. I sat on a flat stone at the base of some trees, whose bark was white and pink and brown, with rolled peelings in every direction. These trees … Continue reading

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