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The River And Little Robin Redbreasts

As sometimes happens I have Saturday to myself and when the river beckons from the mountains in the west, I have little option but to drive out there, past the ice cream parlor and on to Rawley. By the time … Continue reading

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Leprechauns and their Auras

Enjoyed weaving my work and recreation together with mention of leprechauns, auras and dreams. I welcome comments. Continue reading

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Leprechaun Story 7

Leprechaun Story 7 He got up early in the morning to see if he could find the mines, on another day, fresh and new. This time he found himself in the wetlands.   He followed a stream and came to … Continue reading

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Soup and the Leprechaun Story 6

Leprechaun Story 6 The next morning he was interrupted by his wife, Mariah, who wanted him to help her put a bed skirt on the bed. He felt it was a profoundly unmanly thing in the first place and “a … Continue reading

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Water Fall by the Wayne River

I spent a warm afternoon by the Wayne River in later February. I sat on a flat stone at the base of some trees, whose bark was white and pink and brown, with rolled peelings in every direction. These trees … Continue reading

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