Healing the wounds of the Heart


Water color painting of the dream helper.

Part 1

There is a pattern for love engraved in your heart Chakra, in a Heart Shape as in symbol, as green mist, like unto an emerald, as rose light of energy, as flying Gazelle. Representations of Love can come in dreams, as visitation by Brother, Jesus, Buddha, Spiritual Mentors or any of the ascended masters you may want to name. The archetype of pure love is inside you waiting to get out, knocking at your door. The wounds of the heart are built up around this beautiful alter in you, growing thorny hedges around your castle.

Dream work will turn you into scissors hands, as you start to see through the thick hedges into the sleeping self in the lovely royal bed. The attitude that  “I am a Queen and no widow am” keeps us in selfishness, asleep and getting stuck ,as we ignore the need to get up into the next level of spirituality, next phase of life. Symbols, offered up from your own unconscious, come flying out of the hedges. You will begin to see when you are cutting yourself off from life and unable to move. Pain comes from refusing to look at you. Love itself is always there, inside, waiting to help with the hedge cutting. Being awake to the offerings from the unconscious is a form of internal hygiene, a gift, an internal language and is activated by your intentions and attentions to the dreams.

Featured below in the pictures from left to right:  the hedges, the new snowdrops that are showing themselves in spite of the cold, the back of my old business card and a mandala I did yesterday.

Part 2

These are some details of two dreams I had in past week. This drawing is a response to first dream.


The first dream is about a beautiful alter, green and white, and above it a young man dressed in mostly white and some gold priestly attire. I am below the figure at the front of this alter on my knees, my head against the cool pillars. I am relating in a prayerful way, a certain yearning for the Spirit of Oneness.

The priest figure sees me and says “I want to hear this” and comes down beside me and gets on his hunkers to hear me better and he is very close and personal and looks in my eyes and then winks at me and references black and white cows out in the fields. I see them in the distance.

I felt inflated after the above dream. A marvelous feeling accompanied the dream.I felt I had it made.

Second Dream

Drawing below is associated with the second dream, depicting darkness, my brother the cows and the wounded Gazelle.


In the second dream, I am in Derryhall, on the farm, in Ireland, on which I was raised. There are two groups of us and we are not communicating. There is a need to bring the animals to church, a certain amount of them. I got up early and went to the farm, in the dark of night, and wondered why the others had not come along to help out. Then I see my brother separating out the ones destined to go to Church. He is saying something unique to guide them, that works even in the darkness. He is running and using a long stick, guiding some of the cattle in a certain way. In the area in which I am standing a beautiful gazelle enters and it has an arrow stuck into its back leg. I am very desperate to help take this out of the gazelle without injuring it further.

Part 3

A memory from Ireland was stirred in me as a result of the above dream.

I go with my brother to count the sheep and cattle in the Denore farm, which is a few miles from home. Our farm is the third one in from the road and we open the gates that give us right of way. When we get there in the small red fiat car, filled with children in the back seat, going over the bumpy ground, I hear my brother say a string of curses starting with the “F” word. He sees his ram sitting on the ground and a crow picking on the flank of the animal. He did his farmer thing with the ram, being doctor and nurse to him, carrying him home to the home place, putting green unguent on his hip and giving his a shot of antibiotics.

When my child and I were stateside again, my child said to me “there is a great word that they use in Ireland.” I said what do you mean and the child said, “When you spill the orange juice, you can say “F… it anyway” and that will make it all right. First cousins explained the nuances of the word, its power to relieve stress, to make the impossible all right. I had to tell him I did not think it would work to use it stateside. I now wish I had said that to him with a wink.

I understand that wink now from the first dream above. I am concerned with the cows in the fields of Rose, all things selfish, wordly. However there is a wounded Gazelle of the heart that is coming near to me, in spite of its wildness, that I have wounded by my attitudes. This is what needs attention. I will not be able to approach it directly, but working with the dream will separate out that which I can spiritualize, that which will bring me into communication with the right side of my brain, bringing my basic forces to a churching. I can be a whisperer to the wounds of the heart, with a different language, my brother’s dream language, that works in the dark, that takes spears out of the heart of love and that separate this from that.

In my silent meditation the following night, I do my breathing of releasing, I press on pressure points, I keep silent again and for an instant I am drawn out of myself into an expansion and it left me pulled together with much less pain in my anatomy the next day.

I may or may not have interpreted all this correctly, but I know that my next dreams will correct, will respond to my efforts at meditation and at dream interpretation. I want  to open myself to my deepest intuitions that come from the heart, make me conscious of myself and lead me to individuation.

See home page for details of dream group starting in 10 days. Passport to this DREAM GROUP requires one dream, written out in full. I will take it from there in-group. Leave a message for me on this web page below, if you wish to attend and it will come to me as a private message via e-mail. Thanks for reading.

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