Morning Meditation in Charlottsville

Happy Birthday to Annabeth,

Thirty minutes more or less

Annabeth, in her nightdress

Making buckwheat breakfast

Soaked, beaten, blended.

Suspended in syrup

strawberries sliced, diced


Thirty minutes more or less

Rose sitting in her nightdress

Waiting on the One

Glances up to see seven buzzards

Gliding in the rising sun, circling

Outside in silence.

Trusting in wings

Trusting in upswing

For thirty minutes more or less

In the wings of the One who stills all

lifting into happiness

30 minutes more or less

Opening eyes to pancakes

All dressed,

Thanks Annabeth.

The above photos are a collage created for Annabeth to honor her on the occasion of her birthday, coming up soon. The plate of food depicted is not a photo of her pancakes. Michelle Sankerelli is also depicted in the photo on the right.

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Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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