Dreaming of Guetamala


For the inner journey I have a star and a boat.

I am very happy to say I will be joining Seri Amrita Kaur on her wonderful tour later in the Summer. Her web site is www.humeehum.com/heal.html. Here is what she put on her site about me.


Mandala of going on an inner journey with a whip or a musical instrument. Choose Rose.


I am very happy to share that Rose Longworth will be joining us on retreat.  In free times in our daily schedule, she will offer Dream Therapy. Rose is a licensed professional counselor with a special interest and years of experience in this area.  Her work with you on retreat can be a powerful additional tool by which you may truly see your wounds and heal them.  Please see here: https://roselongworth.com/

This is what Rose has to say about how dream work and KY may complement each other:

“Kundalini Yoga and Dream Work bring together the relationship between the mind, body and psyche.  Inner experience, the Divine urge and Individuation are the focus of both disciplines.  We are looking for real change in our hearts, our inmost psychic structure, the seat of our deepest intuitions.  The dream helps to criticize and judge, recognize and understand so you can discriminate and work with all that is in the way of experiencing profound love.  Dreams give us a way to stand outside ourselves and gain a true spiritual awakening that will affect us favorably. Dreams are the key to our psyche in this given moment, a hologram of our strengths, our struggles, our blindness and our blocks.  It is the difference between staying stuck in the wounded heart and looking at this woundedness with intuition, with the help of your dreams, the door to your heart.”

About rlongwort

Licensed Professional Counselor. Dream specialist.
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1 Response to Dreaming of Guetamala

  1. Elizabeth OMalley says:

    Is it true about dreams Rose because my dreams of late have been strange and oddly peaceful ..maybe I’m getting unstuck ??? In any case , I’m intrigued by this dreamwork of yours and am finding suddenly that I wish we were not at odds because I think you would’ve been able to help me but then I always believed you would’ve been the one to help me turn it all around . I’m sick Rose ,physically sick and everything from my wounded heart and past has landed in my gut and liver . They say it’s Gastroparesis but now are testing my liver .. I’m not so much longing for the bit of my past that was good although probably skewed view of that as much as I’m now longing for a better present and blissful future . I contacted my family and found that my view of my family was not what was but in reality what I wanted . My father is still a ratbastard and my siblings are rather selfish and vile . You were right Rose about my family and about my father . You were right about my grandmother too . That letting go has come easier but the self forgiveness still has not . I haven’t forgiven myself but I’m trying … and you Rose …no one is perfect and you made mistakes with me but you are not at fault for my continuing pain ..anxiety and whatnot , that’s on me . I think it was easier to blame you because I couldn’t accept the truth that I wasn’t really ready to do the work and that I was holding on to the pain because it was easier than letting go and simply becoming whole again . You’re good at what you do Rose and if it’s okay with you I would like to continue reading your blog and if not , I will respect that …I just ask for a simple let me know either way . I’m not asking for anything other than that …to simply read and learn …almost forgot ..Happy Birthday ~ I hope it’s a beautiful day and wish you many blessings , Elizabeth

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