Levitation and the Scream Dream


Rose at work in the morning in a happy frame of mind. (Hairdo by Miriam McNamara, when she gave me the curl treatment)



Some time ago, I had the sensation, in a dream ,of levitating and as my body rose off the floor I was screaming.

At Seri Amrita Kaur’s class on Monday evening we concentrated on the Heart Chakra to honor Valentine’s Day. Most exercises emphasized attention to the heart area. This included breathing, chant, physical effort and visualization connecting to the backbone and the heart. When we laid out in Savasana, to a beautiful tune, I fell asleep. I awoke to energy moving in my legs and going up through my body. Awareness of myself on the floor in the studio and the music had all died away. I was in inner space, lifting and opening.

I awakened to the indwelling spirit, to the Oneness. My mind/body had to go asleep in order to sense the coming of the super consciousness through to the subconscious to my mind. My mind awoke to this space, however briefly. No screaming involved this time. The group energy of thirteen present, of exercises, the chanting, sacred song, rose my vibrations enough to have this experience through my body, made into the House of the Lord, in the here and now.

During the night, one of the exercises, learned in the class above, came to my rescue in my dream. I meditated in the time when the veil is thinnest. Then I dreamed that I was in a body of water and it was swirling around in a great circle. It was hopeless to fight this white and frothy monster. I put my arms over my chest, as we were instructed in class, and saw myself stay afloat in the vortex, my head bobbing along and a smile on my face.

I am happy for this time to sit and write and to spend more time with the Spirit. May my heart be purer for this time spent. May the cleansing continue, May love and understanding grow in my heart toward all I meet every day.


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