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A nine month journey toward new birth.


The traveller is sitting on a camel in a tight knit caravan. They are on a very long journey from the East. The toes of the camel come into view for a second as he lopes along in a fine rhythm. The camel like the traveller is old.

They are on well-worn dusty roads but each crossroads has to be discussed before going on. The sky is consulted, the landscape and intuition. Sometimes a few steps in the wrong direction are all that is needed to realize it is the wrong way.

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Know where you are going.

Traveling by night is usual to care for the camels and the travelers. There is some overlap with the light of day. Watering holes have to be sure. Wealth has to be protected. Food procured, cooks and fire builders are there.

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The sky over all.

This group is on a mission and the traveller is the holder of the heart light for them all. They all know and feel this also. They carry the gold, frankincense and myrrh. The traveller holds up a hand with a star shining in it, bringing them east to the birth of the new. The star in the sky appears to them encouraging them onwards. They are late for the actual birth, but their feelings of love, being in tune with the birth, raises their spirits so much, that the sky opens to a pale blue over the shepherds in the fields at night and they both, shepherds and caravan, hear the heavenly hosts singing and shepherds visit the stable in their stead.

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The stable

When the travelers arrive, the presence of the child pulls them out of themselves into infinite spirit, and they know they were right all along to follow the star, to be there for this birth.

They give their precious gifts that enable the family to travel to Egypt immediately, to avoid a dark death.

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The star


May I, May you, May all follow your own star, be prepared to travel into whatever deserts need to be crossed. May I, May you, May all lay down the ordinary wants of the day and follow that longing, that desire, until your blue sky opens and you hear divine music, make divine music and singing and see with new eyes, hearing with new ears. Follow your hearts desire.

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Angels singing


May you wake up with the words of the Magnificat on your lips.“My soul doth magnify the Lord. My Spirit has found joy in God, My Savior, for he has done greats things to me and holy is his name.”


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