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I See the Moon, the Moon sees me.

Going outside to bathe in the moonlight is often a ritual I preform in my front porch, face to the moon, hopefully meditating. So when this past eclipse came along I was excited to have a new experience and I did. Continue reading

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Sunrise at the Beach

  Rose had a yearning for the ocean water again and went to Virginia Beach on her own for two days and was then joined by her boyfriend for two more days before turning again for home. On three of … Continue reading

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Instructions for Getting Started with Dreams.

Instructions for Getting Started With the Dreams. Do You Want to Get focused on your dreams. Are you someone who never had a dream or they are a bit fuzzy? Do the following activities to stimulate the recall of a dream … Continue reading

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Little Irish Woman Demanding Dreams

She went to the market and is being referred to as the little Irish woman who asks for dreams. The dream she got this morning was described as a nightmare. The dreamer had bought a new house beside the mall and … Continue reading

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The Leprechauns and The Negalmankies.

The Leprechauns and The Negalmankies. When Uisneach discovered Mariah had thrown out his Negalmankies, he was livid. He felt she had vandalized his place and had taken what was his. The day had come to mend them and then he … Continue reading

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Welcoming Love

Joe, my live in partner, is on a trip with the Earthkeepers. He writes from Peru “Today we visited a moon temple in Killarumyoc and had the eagle/condor union ceremony. It was very moving. The Canadian chief’s son broke down and … Continue reading

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The Leprechaun and her tea set.

When Mariah went visiting her family, she was assigned a bed on a couch under the dish cabinet. She was tired that first night and was quickly asleep. When she woke up she caught sight of her mother’s china in … Continue reading

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