Of the Cats and Third Eyes

About the cats and the weather. The spring garden has a different look this morning, equally beautiful. The emotions it raises in me raises my vibrations.

Tiger is stressed about the snow. It may be the first time he had to deal with it. He keeps sticking out his back legs, in turn, to shake the snow off of his paws. Each leg is shook, three sudden jerks, without doing much to dislodge the snow. Then he goes under a big chair, where the snow is light and eats his fare. Then he starts using both his front paws, as if he is making a hole to do some serious business. He is on the deck. He ignores my call. Then he realizes he is on the deck and hastily goes to his private privy, wherever it is. I was relieved!

2017-03-13 12.08.29

The New York Cat who sat on the dinner table always.

2017-03-13 12.09.12

A dream cat – who knows what he sat on?

Tiger walks on the top of the fence later and is jumping around. Then he does a tiger act of pouncing on the snow as if there is something there, like a mouse underneath. He is so playful and living up to his Tiger name when he does this. The other two cats are cool.

The Third Eye and the Dream. 

What follows links a dream to the seventh chakra, as well as to my efforts to connect to myself spiritually through meditation.

I dreamed last night about Ireland’s eye. It is a small island off the East coast of Ireland across from Howth, a place I lived in late 1970’s, about 14 miles north of Dublin. I visited this uninhabited beautiful island by boat once. In my dream I met a man who seemed to be into visiting this place and other islands also. Then a woman, grey looking, doubtful stance, shows up, not wanting to go to the Island at all. She had a bigger claim on him than I. I had just met him.

I link the above dream to the Third Eye, just because the Eye word is in the dream.In dreams associations can be helpful. The Pituitary is the seventh chakra. It is the third eye spot between the eyebrows. Our Christian bible tells us that if your eye be single, your whole body is filled with light. “Buy gold tried in the fire” at this Church of Laodicea, a place of power in our brains. “Don’t you know your are blind and naked and poor. You are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were hot or cold.”

The depressed and doubtful is the part of me that is fearful of the water (unconscious), of going to this Eye (Third Eye.) I have to appreciate that a part of me is reluctant to investigate this eye in me, or to bring me to heel, and be silent in every sense of the word in meditation. To see what I need to do to get some gold, to have beautiful raiment. I have to take a different approach. Does what I am thinking and doing and saying stand up to the spiritual fire, to get the trip out to the Eye. I under the influence of the heavy gray woman, afraid of a journey over water.

I spent over an hour in the cats’ garden meditating. I stared at the willow tree listening to the sap, wondering if it would rise or stay low for now. Such complexity in the one tree. Then there is the complexity of our bodies, with or without chakras. And throw in outer space as well. I was happy to sit for the 65 minutes, one for every year of my life. I blogged in my head but left it down after a while going for the feeling I got when I went into staring into space, hearing and seeing without hearing and seeing, letting my eyes be out of focus.

You could say I was all over the place. I was doing that very thing that caused the fall in the first place, throwing myself into everything.

I do meditation, to say to God, help me, bring me closer, and let me find the heaven within, stumble onto the island, over the blue water, so in love with that water. From the frozen into the rising sap every day. The try is counted for righteousness. I will try again.

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2 Responses to Of the Cats and Third Eyes

  1. athewriter says:

    One of my fav bands is Third Eye Blind. 🙂 I like your cat story too!

  2. mysticrosetherapy says:

    So brilliant and vivid!

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