Red Mist Dream

2017-04-18 19.30.16

My neighbor’s dogwood blossoms in the evening sunshine.

This blog is about referencing my source as I go. If I do not do that, do not have a compass for the Divine, I am lost in the mist. We have a compass of intuition that continually helps us search for our true selves, our true north. Focusing on dreams is one way of looking at the compass questions.

The Dream

I dream of going to the Doctor’s office to see his wife, who does healing work. I am sitting and waiting, my head is down and I see the doctor with another client. After they pass me I look up and find I am looking through a red mist that has many shades of red through it, including darker red and purple reds, which makes the doctor and client mostly invisible. There is a lighted door through which the doctor and the patient go and there is no mist in that room. As I am leaving I want to find the hat I came in with. When I get to the stand, not only is the hat I came with there, but also my other similar blue hat I own and another black crocheted cap, I never saw before. I note that the second blue hat was left at the previous offices of the Doctor and has come to this new place, in a recent move. He has downsized, so he had no support staff. There is a crowd of press people outside the office. They have big long black coats on them.

2017-04-19 14.49.58

Drawing of the Dream


If this dream is in response to a previous inquiry into my painful knees, then I am dealing with my first chakra, where the red energy gets stuck, giving me inflammation.

The red mist image reminds me of the story of Cullen, an Irish mythological hero. His knees would turn around three times causing a find red mist to come out of the top of his head making him powerful in battle.

2017-04-18 19.33.58

Sammie’s tree of life, in full bloom, true to its pattern.

When I recently met my kid’s dance teacher, she called to me, that she knew me in the distance; from the way I was walking. I called out the Irish saying to her, that, “Those who love you love you. Those who do not, may the Lord turn their knees and you will know them by their limping.” We continued to walk in opposite directions, apart in Hill and Dale Park and both of us laughing.

Years ago I crocheted a blue hat, no pattern, rip and fix policy employed. I liked it and wore it, but when my mother’s birthday came up in late April, I put it in a parcel and sent it to her in Ireland. My sister, Celine, made us all laugh, as she told us about a neglected pink hat that she bought mother for the same birthday.

I then crocheted another hat for myself, same wool, which I wore for years. When my mother died, the hat sent to Ireland came back to me. I often check that I have the two hats. The black cap in the dream is like another blue one I have.

The Drawing

I drew a picture of the dream images, in the early morning, as I drank my tea. I had an urge to water over the watercolor pencil drawing and I could see the image of a red horse in the red room appear as I painted with my tea water.

2017-04-19 14.20.38

Horses I painted with Margot Bergman when she was my art teacher (on her farm in 1990s)

I love the horse appearance. He seems benign and interested in the doctor and patient. I like the dream, as I am seeking out healing. The door of white light is also an option for me to go through.  The hats, which I love, which I create, without pattern are there, not lost, coming back to me. The hats are my training and I have downsized, into a home practice.There is a black hat also available for me to claim, mystery hat.


I have lost my counseling hat temporarily as I adjust to getting new clients to work with from my home office. The collective male; represented by those kept outside the door, do not think too highly of my new lifestyle. They will be happy to be employed with me in painting, out of my head and into my paintbrush and or pen.


After a few weeks, I can look back and consider that these past few weeks I have been in the red mist of my usual unconscious ways of thinking, in a sleeping state. I have to reclaim my ability to reference my intuition, the infinite in this ordinary life, so that I can re-enter myself, a personal Easter resurrection. It is not about business but about intuition, as to how to live this life in Oneness. This work takes care of unconscious red mood, lack of awareness. My meditation time is taking on a new singleness of intent of silence to clear a way for intuition for me.  2017-04-19 20.24.49

Anytime we try to change we have to endure a battle where our knees spin and the red mist is spraying above our heads. Referencing the spinning chakras in meditation is essential, because referenced or not they are there. I look forward to the followup dream, and accept what ever it brings.

If you want to look at a dream in detail, consider your own mist, your own wheels, and mystery hats available to you, I will look at it with you so that you can re-enter yourself. You can contact me on the contact tab on the home page.


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