Happy Easter Greetings

On Easter Sunday morning, I fell into a tomb in the garden. The man was dead, bound and gagged with linen cloths around his body and around his head. There were great jars of spices. The tomb smelled of the sweet dead. The huge stone door was secured with very little direct light coming through.

2017-04-15 12.47.40

From the Garden

As I sat there I heard an earthquake and light bursting forth within and without. This earthquake was in the ground also, and with a great noise, of many waterfalls, it shucks the rolled stone loose and it started to open. It was round and heavy and the early dawn light streamed in above and below with the fresh air of the garden. I was just in time to see the guards laid out on the ground, as dead, as an Angel with white shiny raiment came in.

2017-04-15 13.18.01

The Tomb into which she fell.

The Angel looked with such love on the dead man, as he unbound him. The light of this dead man’s newly risen soul slipped back into his numbered and numb bones and into his skin, now pierced by the light.

2017-04-17 14.05.50

His seven chakras lit up in the colors of the rainbow, with a white shiny halo of light, coming down above his head and surrounding his whole body.

He got loose from the dark, the bindings, to find himself in a beautiful hand spun white robe, walking out into a blue-sky morning.

2017-04-17 17.18.24

The blue sky

He slowly began smiling and then laughing. He told the guard to not be afraid as they ran for their lives.

2017-04-17 14.25.00

The crucifixion

The huge thunder storm on the evening of his crucifixion brought out every spring flower and every fruit bearing tree into bloom by Sunday Morning. The energy of his resurrection affected the whole garden with lightness of being. Mary addressed him among this profusion of perfume and color. She hardly could see him through her tears, through the shining sun and his shining light. When she finally recognized him she fell at his feet, hardly able to take in his aliveness, her beloved Lord standing there. When she held him by the feet, he said to her “Touch me not for I am newly risen” so full was he of light.

2017-04-17 14.25.58

Reaching for her Master’s feet

May I, may you, may all feel your feet being held by the shining Master. May love explode in all our hearts, rolling away a stone hard shell. May your understanding be opened. May an earthquake wake up your colors and clean out the chakras for you. May the springtime of your flowering, bring you into the sweet smelling garden and find your Lord laughing there as you reach for his feet, so happy to see you.

2017-04-15 11.12.30


If you would like some help with exploring the Spiritual Path, to give up complaining altogether, to stop blaming, to love with the love of God, to sit in waiting silence, to play music and sing with the heart energy streaming out into the tune, I would like to be that person to be consulted and be of help to you. In the meantime I will work on myself, as I have plenty of adjusting to do and periods of time wasted for which I have to account to myself. I can be contacted on the contact tab on the home page.


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