Soup and the Leprechaun Story 6

Leprechaun Story 6

photo 4-14

Trees on the banks of the Wayne River.

The next morning he was interrupted by his wife, Mariah, who wanted him to help her put a bed skirt on the bed. He felt it was a profoundly unmanly thing in the first place and “a skirt for their bed,” really. He resolved to have nothing to do with it and escaped out the door before she could make too much of a fuss at him. He remembered his father’s looking for gold, at the end of rainbow, and he willingly went. He was looking for the mines again, as he though he would have more luck than his father.

On his way he came to the field of stones by the river Denore. After catching a salmon in the river, he cooked it hoping that this was the salmon of enlightenment, making it easy to find the mines again.

photo 3-19

Catching a salmon was not easy

After eating his fill he prepared seven stones around his head in order to have a rest after the long morning of travel and to have a dream to help him.


STONES (Photo from India – stones used by Guru Nanak to measure out a portion for the poor)

He placed his head on the red sandstone in the middle. He thought the stones would surely know where the mines were situated as they had been there for millennia.

photo 4-12

From the painting by Giotto called JOACHIM”S DREAM

Soon he was falling asleep and he vaguely heard the sheep and lambs walking around him as they cropped the lush springtime grass.


Light filled him in his dream.

As he slept he saw the stones become translucent and each one a different color of the rainbow all around his head. They then rose up and placed themselves, one above the other from red at the bottom to violet at the top, on the red sandstone, on which he slept. They emitted light and became brighter as they set themselves on the sandstone. He felt he became the colored lights. He remained upright on the rock for a long time. When he woke up he found himself shouting “We are all the same.” He looked around foolishly for the noise he was making and found he was in the quiet field with the stones and the sheep around his head as he had left them when he fell asleep. The silence was profound as he sat taking in his dream.

photo 1-27


The sun was going down as he headed for home. A song came to him as he paced himself to the beat of the words on his way home, shortening the journey for him.

When he got home his wife made some fine soup from the large salmon head and leftovers. She was quiet satisfied with his days work.

photo 5-4

Salmon soup

They went for a walk and he told her about his dream. But she interrupted a lot as she spoke to stray dogs, cats, neighbors and babies. He gave up and refused to write the dream up on a Dream Leaflet that night but he did write down what he remembered of words of his song:

We are all the same

Above and below

In depth and doubt

In shame in joy

In tears in fight

In rest and employ

We are all the same


Full of words

Bossed, in lead

High on head

Can heavy be shed?


Stumbling blocks

Down with the heft

All can be left

Step up

On Jacob’s stones


For our heads

Where it is said

We are all the same.

He found he had totally forgotten the tune but knew it might come back to him again on his travels when he was quietly walking by himself.

The end

When Rose woke up that morning she was in doubt about what way to take the day. The only bit of a dream she remembered was the woman wanting to get a bed skirt on to the bed. She did not think much of it. She finally decided to have the salmon soup for breakfast with some mushrooms she had acquired yesterday at the market.

Then she felt satisfied to get on with her day, attacking the unruly hedge that had grown to seven feet high or more. She wondered if the hedge was a symbol for herself.

Here’s wishing you all the wisdom to know we are all the same and all one and that we all love each other already. If you want to schedule an appointment with me I will be happy to interrupt these rants in favor of real faces before me where we will explore how to even out what it is that makes the ride bumpy for us. Looking forward to hearing from you through this web page.

Love from Rose Longworth LPC


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2 Responses to Soup and the Leprechaun Story 6

  1. Nice to follow the man around. Beginning to catch the motifs of bed, bedclothes, dream, dream leaflets, breakfast..and so on;. makes one want to go back and read them over again to appreciate the design.

    • rlongwort says:

      Dear Margot, The Leprechaun story has taken on a life of its own. I started it for fun, humor and it has gone on weekly since then, connected to dreams and unconscious. I try and remain true to what it wants to say and stay with that. Dreams within it is a good way to bring in the transendent. Gold is a symbol for getting more conscious. Rose

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