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The Psychoanalytic Method on Retreat in Guatemala

  While in Guatemala, on retreat recently, working on the wounds of love, I had the experience of being a child again and of being abandoned by my grandmother. She left my family home, to live with her brother, the … Continue reading

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Uisneach and the Boat

When Uishneach was out this morning he had a chance to enjoy the view and to sip his tea. A black cat with white tuxedo markings came across his path chasing something. Uishneach got up to look, as the thing … Continue reading

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Right Side of Brain Exercise and The Dream Leaflet

Doing a Mandala or any random artwork is a Right Side of the Brain Exercise. You can do a little mandala by drawing a circle with a cup (a teacup mandala) or a bigger one by drawing one with a … Continue reading

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