Knowth and its Passages in Ireland

A short story about outer meeting inner in Ireland.

photo 5-46

Mounds are our energy centers as pyramids also are

I had a lovey time at the family reunion, orchestrated by my sister Frances Longworth, in Glasson Golf Club Hotel, in County Westmeath. I sat with my cousins, one of whom visited India and we traded stories. Next morning we discussed dreams and got into the grit of our lives. The River Shannon also runs by this hotel and a number of lakes are formed nearby. I walked with my sisters on the road the next morning enjoying the views of the water. Later we visited Clonmacnoise and Ballinahoun, where there is a Longworth wall. See below for images from the wall which include the trust, owl, cuckoo, robin and grouse.


Next morning we arrived at Newgrange after a two-hour journey, past castles.

photo 4-61

Delvin Castle

Newgrange is on the River Boyne. Here it flowed beneath a walk-over bridge at the site.

photo 4-62

Boyne River at Newgrange

We missed the shuttle to Newgrange itself but were in time for Knowth, close to Newgrange and with similarities. These sites are said to be 5,000 years old.

photo 2-68


It was early afternoon, when we started our guided tour of Knowth. We were taken inside to see the passageways and to be inside the mound. There was a photo of a flint mask inside. The guide said it was found much deeper in the mound than other items and the man who found it kept digging as if attracted to the spot where it was found. The mask has a look of Monk’s painting of the scream, with an open mouth yet has a pleasant pattern for the face and the shading adds to the character of the mask.

photo 1-82

A mask made of materials impossible to carve.

Ambling about on the top of the mound was intoxicating. It was covered with sweet smelling clover, warmed by the sun. The fragrance of the clover and other wild flowers was all around, relaxing us into other in ourselves. There was an opening into the mound from the top. We were advised not to fall in but now I think it may be the place where the energy from within meets the energy from above. We were affected by it, coming so close to a stream of other, right under our noses. Looking back I think this was the most powerful place on the site.

After meditation that night I dreamed that there was an iron bar across the right side of my neck and it was being pushed down onto me. I begged for help twice, mentioning Jesus by name, and the second time it worked, breaking to srivers the rigid iron in my neck and bringing me to a feeling of energy exploding out from the center in a brightness that started as a circle and went outside my body to a diameter of many feet all around about me. I did not leave my body but as the energy came back into my center I woke fully up and felt a great energy buzz through me, which gently subsided.

photo 4-60

Drawing of the dream

This energetic dream happened on the night following the visit to Knowth. It brought power into me to move a block in my neck. The neck chakra is associated with the Will of God versus my will, and I appreciate freedom to fall into such knowledge, into the mound of Knowth in myself.

photo 5-50

My photo of a passageway in Knowth

On my travels on the bus I stole a dream from a young woman in college, in USA visiting Knowth, with her mom. She told me of the dream of a young man sticking a needle into her as she tries to find her way, away from her mother’s ideas of who she is. I encouraged her to continue to find her own way, as that is her job now. The injection of the male energy into her, her own animus energy, not sexual, will be helpful to her as she “gets a clue” about where her life will lead her and what she came here to this lovely blue planet to do, separate from her mom. She thanked me for my attentions to her dream.

photo 1-81

A great stone bowl found at the site.

On the airplane, back to states, a young man connected to the political scene told of a bear chasing him through his basement. He is a father to a two-year-old child, who grates on him a little. He also noted relief when not dealing with his mother but her energies have invaded him and will not be helpful to him as he deals with a two year old within his care. I took the trouble to advise him to watch for his mother moods, a negative anima, when they invade him as they will not be helpful to him in caring for his son, and to get some parenting classes to help deal with the moods of his young son. This young man looked like he was a teen even tough he is getting to forty. I wished him and his two year old well. Our discussions made for some well spent time on a plane that was in a loop over Philadelphia, waiting for thunder storms to subside in Dulles.

photo 3-68

A dream given to me to think about on my travels. This is my representation.

I hope you too are caring for yourself and getting to go out of your own dodge and get a lovely break somewhere and if you are triggered, by your mother or your two year old, may you look to the dream for understanding of moods and your lack of knowing where you are headed. This will help you with your relatives and help you meet yourself trying to have a relationship that is meaningful and full of care for all of those near and dear to you. Love from Rose.










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5 Responses to Knowth and its Passages in Ireland

  1. athewriter says:

    Wow. I have never seen anything like Knowth. Looks like you went to some really awe-inspiring places.

  2. Doris says:

    I can envision you leading a small group on an Irish adventure that combines dream work, drawing and visits to the lovely and ancient places you have described in your last several blogs. Could that be in the works?

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