The Leprechaun and her tea set.


The cup and saucer

When Mariah went visiting her family, she was assigned a bed on a couch under the dish cabinet. She was tired that first night and was quickly asleep. When she woke up she caught sight of her mother’s china in the cabinet, as the little thin dainty handles stuck out into her view and the sides of the cups with their royal blue designs glinting in the moonlight, as she looked through the glass darkly. Who knows how they came to be in the family but she had a longing for them in the half dream. They seemed to be full of moonlight, streaming over the sides and onto her heart where she lay. She missed her mother. She then had a dream of dishes growing on the trees.

She remembered her grandmother had taken care of her for the first year of her life, being a third child and no room in the other bedrooms for her. Grandmother doted on her, fed her and kept her warm through the cold of her first winter. She kept the fire going for her, in that far bedroom where she first smelled the warm smell of turf. She kept her warm with her body heat at night. She was also her Godchild and her grandmother had promised in the water ritual to take care of her soul while on the earth.

photo 2-87

The purse and the strings

When Mariah got married to Uisneach, the grandmother wanted to give Mariah an inheritance but Mariah’s mother, who held the purse strings by then, vetoed this. However Mariah’s mother wrote a will in which she gave the china belonging to the grandmother to Mariah.

photo 4-79

The will had words in it but the important thing is the drawing running down the center, where the flying saucer do not have her name on them for karmic reasons.

Over the intervening years the china changed hands a number of times and ended up in someone else’s cabinets. Her siblings had vowed to break the china rather than give it to Mariah. Having lost the love of her siblings, through some karmic issues, she did not quiet understand, she now wanted the china as a substitute. She knew this was useless and she returned home determined to forget the china forever. She blocked out the unkind works but as she rested on the way home she was crying. She fell asleep, as the journey was very long. In a dream, a stranger came on her, with the snail box eyes and sat with her.

photo 3-42

The little woman pulled out cards and told her about her real inheritance being an ability to read Cards and to interpret dreams and showed her how both of these psychoanalytic modalities are only interested in wholeness for herself and others. She also said that if the china dishes were meant for her that angels would carry them to her even now. Indeed Mariah saw a table set there, right beside her, complete with the tea set. A great love poured out of that woman as she spoke to her.

photo 1-102

The table was set with the cups full of the love of her grandmother.

They drank sweet ambrosia out of the cups, which seems all the sweeter for having grandmother’s kindness thrown into the bottom of the cups. This would never leave her. When it was time to clean up and to give the cups back to the angel waiting near by, Mariah decided she needed to cough up her envy and her jealousy and longing for love in all the wrong places. She felt she could fill the great River Euphrates with this stuff. The angel poured it out onto a waste place where it would not bother her or anyone else ever again. She decided the she would nurture the trees for the healing rather than the ones that grew cups and saucers.

2017-04-20 19.58.54

The helpful angel got the tea set for her and made the tea.

With the swish of wings she woke up and felt refreshed with the only evidence of the visit from the woman with the snail box eyes being a MARI card lying there near her blanket where she slept. The card referenced her meditation and it was backed by a golden color, something that she interpreted as inviting into her future the spirit of love, growing in the light of gold.

photo 2-85

She found her boat where she left it, ready to spirit her home.

She found her little boat and went swiftly home hoping that she would be in time for the concert she felt sure her Uisneach would be putting on that evening. When she arrived the band was in full swing and she danced the night away.

She had a fine supper on the dishes she did have and the food and drink were of the highest quality and best years. She slept very well that night well satisfied to be home again.

The end

When Rose woke up the next morning, she had some errands to run, words to write, and food to cook. She noticed the plates she had placed all around her mirror in the dining room looked in need of a dusting and she lovingly cleaned them off.  She was busy until the thunderstorm broke and she saw it as great way to cool off. She looked up into the sky, laughing at the beauty of the storm and the rain going sideways with leaves in tow.  When she closed her mouth again she found a piece of ice stuck to the gum line against her front bottom eye tooth, like a gem. She did indeed cool off.

photo 4-12

Sitting around the table

She remembered a dream in which she is sitting with a group around a table and they all take out their “implants” , from their teeth. The implants are black and red, very small, with disks on them, all different. She brags that she does not have an implant. This dream might take a little bit of mulling over.

photo 1-103

Rose Mulling over the dreams

So if you do feel like singing a soul song, come sing with me. I love to work on what is gifted to us from the unconscious, especially through dreams. You can contact me through this site.

Love from Rose





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