Beating the Ears, Hands at the Heart


2017-01-06 11.14.01

Artwork by Rose of river in Timberville

Small Boy at the River.

Recently, while I swam near Riven Rock Park, a little boy, just shy of three years, went walking up the gurgling riverbed with both his parents, leaving us at the swimming hole with his grandmother. He was out in front of his parents and he went up a path to the left and circled around to where his grandmother was sitting in the sunshine. When he walked back into our area, he leaned forward with his arms pushed back near his sides, questioning, “do you have mom?” We laughed as we saw her in the distance coming back down the riverbed. She was among the big pinkish stones in the river and on the bank. Impatient, determined, he started walking back the way he came to find her.

2016-08-13 13.30.00

This swimming hole can be five feet deep in the center

As soon as the boy was directed to her advancing form up the river, he placed his two little hands at his heart center, with fingers pointing out in her direction, palms up. His whole demeanor changed to openness and love for his beloved lost mother. He climbed onto a huge big rock where his hands joined again at his heart, open to her. I would not have been surprised if the river started to flow out of his hands, so strong was his connection to her.

2016-08-13 13.31.09

He made a high-pitched squeal in her direction. When she acknowledged him, he used both of his hands to beat the tops of his ears as he danced on the rock. I though I could see the detail of her face in the distance, reciprocating his love, red faced, guilty for having gone her own way, if only for five minutes. She was carrying something for him in her hands.

2016-08-13 13.34.16

It was a great pleasure to see these interactions, between mother and small son. The mother bond with a son is very tight from the beginning, mother having produced something other than a replica of herself.

photo 1-111

In the palm of her hand

A mother’s gradual letting go of him has to be deliberate so she does not scorch him with the telescope of her profound attention as he gets older and so she can let him fall into the energy of the father.

I recommend the little river boy’s way of greeting to you for those you love, with the hands held at the heart, sending out a stream of beloved energy. I also recommend the beating of your ear tops in delight. You will feel energy fly, and be lit up with light and joy for the other person.

photo 3-83

I wonder if his ears are under the paper bag.

A recent dream of mine

I had a lovely dream about being with another family member. I was out in the sky with her and we were floating. I asked her to come and hold hands with me to make a square formation. My left hand on my right wrist and my right hand on her left wrist and on around until it forms a square with wrists and hands. It would cause us to land safely.

When I was at the Shensara Festival I was fishing for dreams in the river or in the meadow, and found both profitable places to trade stories with others. I told this dream of the hands to a few dreamers and they made the formation with me. We could feel the strength of the four hands together. They told me about their soul work and we looked at the dreams for the information from the unconscious that brings strength and safety to me and to fellow travelers doing soul work.

photo 2-95

Seven minute mandala. He/she has one ear high up on the head.

If you want to do dream work, and form that four square of the unconscious in a safe way, let me know when we can meet. I will be happy to make an appointment with you to help with strength and connection and if you want to experiment with beating the tops of your ears, to see how it affects you, I will be happy to be a witness to that too, to experiment with you. The more we know about this energy as shown to us by the little child, the better.


Love from Rose



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