Lost and Found

photo 3-53

The crow was talking in the trees above her

Mariah had a feeling he was on his way home because the crow in the tree above her was talking non-stop. Uisneach appeared soon thereafter but he did not bring back her quilt, the one he sailed away on at the beginning of his journey. He did however bring back a marvelous poncho, which he said was created at the top of the world near a great deep lake.

photo 1-121

The Sirian sun, he said, beams its light into the lake depths, stabilizing the entire Universe. She felt attracted to the marvelous stripy patterns of the poncho and the hood and its full length. She rolled herself up in it and was amazed at its ability to transport her up above the pine trees and into the clouds.

photo 3-105

The lovely pine trees

And she felt warm in its depths. She examined it intensely for signs of her quilt as she thought she saw some of her own patterns within it but could not be certain of anything except that the poncho was familiar and lovely to her.

photo 3-94

Uisneach had lots to say about his travels especially the portals into other worlds and ceremonies and ancient temples created by star people. He was given a tea and while he did not care for the purging, he put up with it.


When he settled down to his visions he was not satisfied with them and kept saying, “tell me something I do not know.” He did find the visions hilarious and spent a lot of the time laughing.

photo 3-29


On her part she felt that he was changed by the trip but could not quiet say what the difference was. He was very complementary to her as he had been when he first romanced her. She liked the feeling of lovingness that this brought her, praising her up one side and down the other.

photo 1-98

She likes his praises

When she asked him about her quilt he did not know what she was talking about and set out telling other stories from his travels. She resolved to make some special food and cross it with some herbs to see if she would jog his memory and loosen his tongue into telling her where she could find her lost quilt.

photo 4-92

Orange and yellow and purple would surely help her.

Every evening, she got busy with her dishes and he enjoyed her food more than ever but he never did tell her the story she wanted to hear.

photo 4-93

Sage and stuffing was on the menu

The end.

Rose dreamed about being in the basement and having to deal with a rat that was attracted by the smell of left over fish, left in the kitchen overnight. The fish bones were ready for the trashcan but she did not want to go out in the dark to dump it the night before pickup. In the dream the rat moved quickly on her bed. She threw projectiles at the rat and missed it several times. Finally she hit it.


Shadow rat in center

In her mandala, drawn the next morning, she can see the projectiles, of blue and green, and the black shadow rat in the middle of a contained box. This mandala was quickly done without trying to draw the dream.

This dream reminded her of a rabbit that was eating lettuce in her garden thirty year ago and she told it to “shoo.” It froze in place and she took up a flat stone that hit the rabbit on the neck and he fell over. Her black lab pup, could not believe his good luck and sat licking it lovingly before swallowing it whole.

photo 2-104

The innocent rabbit eater

More recently she quarreled with the squirrels. One set up his quarters in the crawl space over her front porch. When she practiced QiGong in the mornings with Elizabeth Scott, on the porch, the squirrel could be heard getting out of “his bed,” plop, walking over to another spot above and starting to eat nuts stashed in “his apartment.”

photo 2-105

The squirrel found his entrance here, to the left of Annabeth’s painted stick.

Rose pounded the ceiling with a brush handle to make him leave. She brandished the painted stick, trying to hit him, as soon as he stepped onto the tin roof. It was a lost cause.


She got a trapper involved who did not catch the squirrel but blocked all the entrances. The squirrel came back and tried to get in through the wire netting, gnashing his teeth against the aging wood. He had a scar on his face. He had his girlfriend with him.

photo 2-103

The fence and the tree that the squirrels like to travel in and on. She found the dead squirrel to the left of the fence.

A couple of days later she was cycling down the road, adjusting the gears and not looking at the road and nearly ran over the already bleeding squirrel, fresh road kill. She felt guilty and shocked at his eye staring at her from the road. Her roof space is quiet again.

photo 4-59

There are many other squirrels on the big walnut tree in the yard next door and she “shoos” them if they put a foot in her yard. Just days ago she found a dead squirrel in the yard nestled in her longish grass, under the walnut tree. A suppressed scream escaped her.

photo 3-106

The wonderful walnut tree

She would like to think that the squirrels would not have any good luck if they invade her area. Where is her compassion, she asks, to leave the animals of the earth to themselves. What unruly energies in herself, not of the spirit, is on the loose within her. Her blue and green projectiles, from the heart and from the will, the fourth and fifth chakra, are both helpful in knocking down that which causes a stink in her both physically and emotionally.

photo 4-90

The summer flowers are all in tune

In meditation she is spending more time, using mantra and breathing and insisting on listening to the Devine if only for moments within the time she sits. She is holding the feeling of peace and love within her until she feels she is building something that comes as a turning over in herself. She is making a bigger effort to let go of her grumblings and complains in general and in particular. She says mantra right through exercises, turning that time into a time in prayer and when not feeling focused will sing some holy tunes to bring her into atunement, atonement.


She must remember to take care of that which belongs in the trashcan and not let what she is releasing stink up her living space. It will attract the wrong kind of energy. She can welcome such a nasty dream knowing she is facing fears, and getting a hold on her shadow. She has work to do. And as she deals with her personal shadow, the rodent of her dream will not be as attracted into her living space. The squirrels and rats have their place on the earth. If I deal with the shadow within I will not attract in the invasive animals that has no place in the home place.

And if such a nasty image comes to you or the myriad of other hybrid animal images that can come in dreams, then I will welcome you to work with such shadow stuff. I embrace the chance to help you throw something at it. Love from Rose.




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