Leprechauns and their Auras

photo 4-139


She went about her ways trying to polish up her aura as best she could. She knew her aura was that light that shone about her as she lived her life, getting darker with black moods and lighter with loving thoughts and meditation. Sometimes she had a sense of it.

She was temped to eat the grass, the brews and the junk pods but she knew that they would not do her aura any good. She knew that her aura did better when she ate the green tendrils and blackberries from the banks of hedges everywhere.

If her aura was brighter her knees would be less stiff. She wanted to persuade her knees to stop turning altogether. She was never sure which way they were turning, in or out, but she knew they were coming together in a most disagreeable way. Her friend MaryAnn espied her in the distance one day and laughed a lot at her knees saying they were “bowing” out. Mariah suppressed a little rage at this and hid it all beneath a pained smile and longer clothes. She muttered to herself, “Those who love you love you, and those who don’t, May the Lord turn their knees and you will know them by their limping.” She hoped her aura and her knees would escape a downward turn even as she made her little red wish.


The Knees

She liked to say a mantra to increase the width of her aura to nine feet wide in every direction. She had to imagine it as she did her exercises. This involved imagining her aura going out through all four walls of the bedroom. She would end up half way across the dining area, out over the bath into the yard and out into the front porch. If all came together correctly, she might be able to see outside the box room she was practicing in and see Uishneach as he took his nightly bath, scrubbing his round white head, working the bubbles into his parts and laying back down for a rest in the lovely waters, and smiling to himself as he thought of his gold. She was never sure she was doing this right but she practiced often, full steam ahead.

photo 1-166

Uisneach after his bath, Mariah practicing her aura expansion

Mariah adapted a little girl with the flaxen hair called Annamarie. A long drought was over and the nearby stream filled the swimming hole again with water and it was flowing over the stones. They went there together to gather clay from the bank and put on beauty masks. Annamarie made mud tattoos for fun. Mariah leaned forward, a willing subject.

photo 4-138

Mud tattoos

Annamarie made some river monsters with the stones and they both went for a swim to wash and cool off. Tiny fishes nibbled their feet. Then the sunshine warmed them up.

photo 3-152

The river monster eating a leaf or two

They both agreed that this relaxing activity left them feeling bright and pleasant. When they met Annemarie’s father he played some lovely notes on the beautiful instrument that had five holes, played by his fingers.


The music maker puts everyone in tune

The notes came into the air full of love and lift. Annamarie was learning the tunes from him. Being in tune had a good effect on everyone’s aura. Everyone who heard it brightened up.The end.



When Rose got up that morning she remembered a dream of being back in her home place in Ireland. A rowdy black bullock nudged her on the knee as it galloped around her excitedly.


Rose was working with her car, which had turned into a convertible that had a bicycle seat that was wet. The car was low to the ground and had no top. Her handbag was missing and she was late for work. Rose had to propel it herself. She had to drive it up the stairs to the landing.


She interpreted it as telling her that her moods are influence by what happened in her home place as a small child. “Not that again” she thought. “I though I solved all that.” Then she remembered she had been in a mood the night before.  If she remembers that, that kind of mood is from when she was little, and shift out of it again, that she will be truly converting herself and getting along on her own steam. Her old identity(handbag) is not needed and she will not be late for the work that is hers to do.

photo 2-151

The rowdy black animal that gently nudged her knee from her dream

She was glad that the drought was over and that it was raining again after many weeks of lovey blue dry weather.

photo 4-140

The Christmas Cactus is blooming a little early his year


If you would like to polish up your aura, bloom a little early, consider your black moods, conflicts, your spiritual calling, your soul, spirit, mind and body then come work with me. I see people in my home during the week. I am not available on Tuesdays. Love from Rose.

Rose Longworth LPC


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