Music is the Food of Love


Playing music by the Wayne River

Music heals the wounds of love, the deep emotional ones. Music can jump start our days. The Blue Danube can be used for healing depression. Annie De Franko can get a Gen E-xer in touch with her wild coming out energy and reintegrate herself with her inner beloved. Music has a way of soaring us up into enchantment and into a knowing how to serve.


Churches use it to attune to the Divine. Watch for when the Master comes in, lounging in a blue and white robe nearby saying “If you sing I will play.” He was said to have played the harp beautifully when on this earth. Of course the birds sing all the time.

photo 2-21

As the soul sores into the human body for the next incarnation of self they come through the music of the spheres, the heavenly host music, and so music is in everyone’s soul. Some may close their ears on the way through or some may be geniuses with music. When I hear music I love I let it fill me as I imagine it.

Music has always been associated with prayer. People insist on having their music played during surgery to ensure safety and healing in the process. I had my husband play the tin whistle as my son was being born. The tune and the words spoke of how the music comes down through the ages and is carried on in new forms.

Eastern Blue birds on this earth are one of my favorite birds to see. I saw a flock foraging in a tree in Hill N Dale Park. They are beautiful to watch as they make their quiet and melodious sounds. I had someone tell me they wanted to come back as a blue bird if there is reincarnation.

She is a blue bird already with blue angel wings. She is someone who played the piano/organ music all her life. She is enchanting to be around. She can play complex pieces with very little effort. She has spent a good part of her life learning, practicing and giving music to her part of the world, usually with many others present to hear her efforts. The world needs music as the world needs love.

photo 1-174

My mother always kept her key board nearby. Photo from 90’s

My mother always played the piano and we her daughters were always gathered around her to put our timid voices into the vast church. My mother attended a center in Mullingar in her later years where she met and fell in love with someone her senior who was a great piano player. He would get her to sit beside him and they often played together. She continued to love his presence and went to see him when he was dying, singing to him and praying at his bedside. She was called upon to play the piano when catholic mass was held at the Mullingar Center. She led them all in song with the help of a retired priest.

photo 4-148

My mother, at Melanie Lennon’s wedding with me,  confessed to loving the Piano Player. She was in her eighties by then.

I can hear her now as she bent over the keyboard, sitting at the side of her bed,  sending out great wafts of sound and singing along. In her nineties, we went up the avenue to walk and I brought her little hymnal with me and she knew all the hymns by heart, even in the Latin language, as that had been the language of the church in her youth. Her sweet and detailed notes are in the avenue banks still and hang over it in the branches and in the great wheels of primroses that bloom in the spring.

photo 1-173

Mother on the avenue with her favorite cat, where she often sang and always said rosaries.

I found myself taking up the melodica when I got pregnant with my children. I would tackle my little practice book and play a few tunes, mostly imperfectly, during the whole pregnancy. As soon as the babies were born I would drop it again.

All of my three children are profoundly musical and spent their childhood learning and practicing music. Annabeth has declared it her life work, teaching, playing for others and generally being involved with all kinds of notes. Once she had occasion to view her vocal cords and she was astounded at their delicacy, their light pinkness and their movement in song. I noticed she called her band mates “The Larks” recently. It triggers in me the memory of the Irish song about the lark singing in the clear air of the day.

2017-01-09 17.26.22

Annabeth has been making music since she was in high school

I love to soar into some church songs. I sing and chant on a daily basis as a way of changing my vibrations, attitude and occupation. Sometimes I sing along with others but find the most benefit from making my own notes in meditation practice where I look for the secret places of the Most High.


Chanting on Kundalini Yoga retreat n late August in the early hours.

One morning early, as I was in my house with the windows open, a Hispanic man, working on the house across the road broke out in a loud clear tuneful voice in the Spanish language. It was a delight to hear and I stopped everything to hear his free concert. It was like watching a rose bloom, hearing the ocean waves and Chopin, Franz Liszt and Beethoven all rolled into one.

And if you want to develop your own blue angel wings and become more involved with music, especially the sounds that stream through your own vocal cords, be sure to join other music makers, and or sing to yourself in the middle of the night.

It has a way of dispelling fears, lightening the mood, bringing attunement to your neck of the woods and bringing pleasure to your self.

photo 2-149

In the neck of the woods.

I continue to work with my own dreams when I am not sweeping them into hidden corners and creating drama with myself and others. They are always bringing those, who pay attention to the unconscious toward wholeness, something I clearly need.

You can contact me via this site or go to Psychology Today where I have been approved and my credentials have been checked. Psychology Today have a way to contact me by phone should you call me through their contact numbers. I love my chosen work of counseling and look forward to hearing from you whether you are a serious music maker or not, and whether you have dreams stashed in the corners or not. Love Rose.

photo 2-115

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