Buddha under the Tree

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Buddha as depicted in a Napal Temple

Buddha sat under a tree waiting for enlightenment for a long time. Rose is experimenting also with sitting under the great walnut tree that hangs over her yard. She felt it was very powerful to sit there as the sun goes down, doing a little secret chant to herself, affirming her prayers, her intention to be linked into who she is and where she belongs. The green in the grass wells up and looks like liquid all around her. Blue orbs settle in the bare mulberry bush as it gets ready to burst into flower. From below her there is a gathering up of what it is that make the sap rise in the great tree. She feels the presence of the Divine Earthly Mother who is creating all around her. She feels fortunate to be able to sit so close to it, waiting for a lifting up too. The sliver of a new moon is high above her.

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The Buddha eyes

People come to Rose and say they were told one of their chakras was spinning the wrong way, or that some other one was not open at all. They were disappointed it could not be fixed immediately. It took Buddha quiet a while to get through all his chakras and be enlightened. We all have them and they are our link into the higher dimensions of ourselves.

Buddha sat under the tree and the earth received all that needed to drain from him. He lost from the first chakra, at the lower end of the spine, all that he had superimposed on the energy residing there until it reached a pureness, whiteness, no longer distracted by red advertisements of himself and his earth.

photo 5-215

Red is for Tulip and for the 1st Chakra

At the second yellow chakra he lost his temptation to split himself between the judgment of good and evil, right there in his lower pelvic bowl. There he sat at the door waiting for it to open. Finally he learned to knock so he could see the one behind the door that takes him into a oneness that opens the door into his higher dimension, sucked up into the City of Brotherly Love, into the Holy Name.


Yellow is for the 2nd Chakra and for Daisy

In the Solar Plexus he lost his right to hold grudges and waited until he had forgiven everything, until he was forgiven everything including the forgetting of who his name is, where he came from. He found that turning, that strength of having the flight of the hind, able to jump a long way getting ready to rise up to the heart.

photo 2-264

Yellow is for primrose and for the third chakra

Like the salmon scaling the waterfall he climbed into his heart and started to dig through the rags and bones until he had thrown out all those useless ideas about what was of value, until he found the pearl of great price. It was as hard as finding a needle in a haystack but he knew he was on the right track when a White Light guy showed up with a gang to help him.  The whole thing took a long time, going back and forth and up and down, until the rivers ran clean, no longer parching, no longer thirsting.


photo 5-175

Green is for the heart chakra

It was a long track up into the fifth chakra, into that alter in the throat. It was high in the mountains and it was necessary to leave behind his screaming, screaming self until he reached the outlook, that all is one. He jumped and jumped until he found the hind in himself that can cross over and disappear into the above. Now he was emptied, had left behind the worst. He pulled out from under the alter those who were waiting for him to cross over, dressed in white raiment, and who now found him Holy and True, able to see him through the blue mist.

photo 2-278

Blue is for the 5th Chakra

The caves were the worst, as he saw how he was blind, poor and naked and in need of white raiment and gold tried in the fire. His luke warmness, he spewed out of his mouth. Now he is hot, now he is cold and could go on inward on his inklings, until he found the fountain that sent out the river of pure crystal. And on the banks of it was a tree on either side that had leaves for the healing of the nations and twelve fruits for any and all ailments.

After that Buddha reached the City of Brotherly Love, the chakra of the violet lights, his heart was in harmony with all whom he met. He had reached nirvana and was enlightened, and went his way preforming miracles, preaching, a Christ to his own people filled with a fountain of love for all.

photo 2-273

Violets for the 7th Chakra

And if you want to make a journey of your own through your chakras then be sure to make an appointment with me and we can see what your dreams have to say about your chakras. Buddha had to start somewhere and he finished under a tree for a long time. Looking at your dreams is like sitting under a great tree of the unconscious, that is pushing up so much sap your way, that you will be enlightened too, each day you take the time to look inward with your dreams.

Love from Rose.







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