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The Birds and the Bumblebees

What is the matter with that great bumblebee? No matter where Mariah sat today, the bee was just over her. She thought she could see into his black eyes as he hovered inches from her nose. Often the shadow of … Continue reading

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The Leprechaun and Water of Life

  Mariah said the mantra for an hour to have the Water of Life enter her. She was at the ocean edge and surely if there was some Water of Life available she would get it here. She exercised in … Continue reading

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Uisneach and the Boat

When Uishneach was out this morning he had a chance to enjoy the view and to sip his tea. A black cat with white tuxedo markings came across his path chasing something. Uishneach got up to look, as the thing … Continue reading

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Mary is delightful and joyful and loving

It is three years ago today that my youngest sister died in Ireland. I wrote about her then and have added some new pictures now to honor her passing. It does not seem possible that she is already gone three … Continue reading

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