Laughter in the dreams

A short dream to grace St Patrick’s Day. May all your fine Irish ancestors dance you around in a fine Irish Jig. You may think the dream that follows was an actual happening but it absolutely has no basis in fact.

2017-03-16 08.25.36

Dream number 1.

“You got out of bed and did not make your side of the bed,” I say, as I pull on the covers. I continue, “Leaving it all to me.” We are speaking in thick “Irish brogues.” I went looking for that light white blanket between the sheet and the duvet and find it all balled up at the foot of the bed. I say, “I see that those legs of yours, with the big calf muscles have kicked down…” He talks over what I am saying and says, “Those same legs are years younger than yours. Yours should be in a museum.” He is standing in the half dark, half dressed, as he adjust his tie in the mirror, his shiny white small pants and white legs shine in the dark. He adds he is a busy man and no time for bed making as he is doing important work. I say, “doing nothing except…” He says, “Getting no respect, I am going to down tools.”

As I wake up I realize I just had the above dream and I hear the front door bang. He has pulled up his side of the bed and I just have to get out without disturbing it all. The queen bee exits the queen sized bed, ready for the day and honey dreams on her hands.I place Terra’s scarf on the bed center to keep me centered in bed.

2017-03-15 12.03.41

Scarf given to me by Terra Glick. She sells antique clothes. I will ask her about antique legs.

The Dream with laughter – Dream 2

I dreamed last night I was starting a dream group. One guy, young, dark haired, maybe Indian, says, ” Where is the potluck?” I go up to his face and say,  “We are here to get the “Panis Angelicus”(Translation from latin is ‘bread of angels.’) and  we both laughs a lot. In the group, people are seated in a circle and at tables, that circle around, see picture below. I ask people for dreams and know I am doing to use intuition to choose the one that will be more helpful to everyone.

2017-03-15 15.24.05

Dream group room

I was encouraged to get the above dream and in the morning I felt I knew how to use my DREAM LEAFLET in combination with groups and other ways as well.

2017-03-16 13.27.14

The drawing above has five empty circles above their heads and the laughing people are looking up into them. Perhaps those circles are the angel bread I have been looking for.


In the night I pledged to be singleminded and silent in my efforts, to consecrate myself and to concentrate. I promptly fell asleep and had above  dream about the group.

This morning I meditated on the cat’s front porch, with the help of blankets. It was a cold morning but still I love the outdoors.

I kept my eyes open a slit and looked down my nose. The blue hat sometimes seemed to move while I was doing that, the snow going one way and the hat another. The time went slowly at first and then it was suddenly over.

2017-03-15 10.08.52

If you are interested in working on your dreams, leave a message on this site under contact me. I will be happy to help you with getting started with my DREAM LEAFLET.


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6 Responses to Laughter in the dreams

  1. margot bergman says:


  2. jgmcnamara says:

    Go mbeirimidne agus na hEireannaigh uile beo ar an am seo aris!

  3. rlongwort says:

    Ta se go h-an mhaith

  4. athewriter says:

    Love this stuff!!!

  5. mysticrosetherapy says:

    Dream Leaflet is a wonderful guide that is simple yet complex and the ultimate guardian of our dreams–so great that you poured your expertise into this creation that can be used to mine the gold from every dream! I want to buy a packet! Really great self-inquiry tool!

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