Water of Life

In meditation this morning in the cat’s Garden, the cat sneezed six times before running down to the font of water to drink. The other two cats followed him. Yesterday the font was frozen over but melting at the sides. The cats spent a long time licking the ice and getting little drops at the sides of the fountain. Two squirrels also visited that frozen font and sucked at the melting sides to get their share. One of them launched onto the ice to drink and skated backwards as he drank the ice water from around the edges. There were great reflections in the water of that font today. You can see parts of the willow tree, and a daffodil reflection, keeping its head up in spite of recent snow.

2017-03-18 10.26.54

The font where the cats and squirrels went to drink water

There is a beautiful bell in the cat’s garden, hanging by a chain. Its sound is beautiful and is surely a call to prayer. Lichen has taken up residence on it.

In the flow of meditation the image that came was of a golden bowl in my two hands that fit in my open palms set together to hold it. It filled with the bluest water. It was beautiful. It appeared that the leprechauns might have been making golden bowels after all and one of them ended up in my hands filled with that water of life.

I was in India and Nepal at the end of 2016. I had a great experience, especially with the water. Shortly after dawn, I did a little bathing in a river, fast flowing and cold, which came directly from the Himalayas. We visited the river after spending two hours meditating near the Monkey Temple in the predawn hours.


In that river I baptized my own feet, hands, head and face and offered a baptism to one of my companions on the journey. Another time, also near dawn, I had an immersion in the Holy Bain River, in India, where Guru Nanak disappeared for three days.

118-Final 1600 Purnima Siri Amrita-285

In the Bain River in India

After three days immersed in the river, he came back enlightened. I wanted to leg go and float away from my group and be enlightened but they watched me well and pulled me back in to the bank with their beautiful chanting. Now I have to try and find enlightenment in a small bowl of water in the cat’s garden. From lead into gold, and from water into water of life.

2017-03-18 10.26.54

This fountain is not what is seams. It has many dimensions

I have blogged a big dream. I am keeping it for tomorrow, Sunday, when I hope you will be in a prayerful state and stay with its many paths until the end.

If you want to do some changing of lead into gold yourself, make sure and bring me your dreams. I will be waiting for you and you and you. See contact above. It can be done by e-mail, skipe, mail or phone. I look forward to working with you. Leave me a message. I know you are dreaming.

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  1. mysticrosetherapy says:

    Stunning photographs! How beautiful thou art! Ganges!!! YES!!!

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