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Anger and the Glandular Systems

I am attempting to go into the body and find some of the driving forces involved with anger and to bring awareness to how our thinking influences anger. Hormones are involved, as are memories from the past. Stopping the thoughts, … Continue reading

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The Psychoanalytic Method on Retreat in Guatemala

  While in Guatemala, on retreat recently, working on the wounds of love, I had the experience of being a child again and of being abandoned by my grandmother. She left my family home, to live with her brother, the … Continue reading

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Anger Management Part 1

I taught Anger Management Groups in the past. Counting and walking away and watching the angry self talk is standard cognitive behavioral therapy for Anger Management. Watching for the signs that you are getting angry also helps. I always had … Continue reading

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The Day of the Dead – Cemetery Sunday in Ireland

This week I came across some excerpts from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. My mother got this book, on a tape, after she was declared legally blind. She did not care for my clumsy conversation about death, some twenty … Continue reading

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The Old Rail Trail in Westmeath Ireland.

Hello, I am back again in the good old USA after an eight-day stay in Ireland at my brother’s farm in County Westmeath, very close to the center of Ireland. All my siblings and some first cousins all gathered for … Continue reading

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I Will Bring It To You

A sweet childhood memory linked to a dream I had recently. I was upstairs in the far room in the double bed with the iron railings and brass knobs. I was alone, hardly awake. My father was in the kitchen … Continue reading

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About My Father’s Business

I have a memory of being with my father in the morning, when he went down to the sheds, to use the tractor. I followed him to be near him. My head was a bundle of fuzzy curls on top, … Continue reading

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