Sunrise at the Beach


photo 1-342

Sunrise Surprise

Rose had a yearning for the ocean water again and went to Virginia Beach on her own for two days and was then joined by her boyfriend for two more days before turning again for home.

photo 4-280

Company at the Beach

On three of the mornings she got up early for Sunrise riding her bike in the half light of dawn.  She was so surprised on that first morning when the sun was suddenly half over the horizon, shining on her face. Rose was caught not paying attention as she was writing in her dream journal.


Yesterday Rose had the good fortune to have a spa afternoon and met a lovely green-eyed practitioner with knowledge of Druids. She talked of Gobnait, an Irish Druidic Queen/Godess. She said she was Queen of the Bees and the bees are all around her keeping her aloft and she is over the beehive with her foot on the hive. Rose remembered that Isis, the Egyptian Goddess is connected to bees. When the French Napoleon went to Egypt and learned of her, he came back to Paris and that city was named for Isis by him(Par-Isis)

photo 2-283

Dancing Divine Mother /Gobnait

She also talked of how the Druids in the west of Ireland, particularly in the southern tip in the County of Kerry succeeded in bringing in the Light, understanding the light. She gave Rose the name of a book to read about the door of fire. Rose had at least two dreams of being in fires and yet calmly alive as the burning went on. Immolating seems to be a stage in the spiritual process, which burns off dross to be better able to get through the door of fire, move through to next up dimension, change consciousness to love in all the feelings for others, God and self.

photo 3-309

What I was drawing when the sun came up.

Rose gathered up dreams like fish at the beach. From two sisters, retired, she got the following: The bathroom dream; Rose ventured that it was about holding in emotions and not being in touch with spiritual and that the body is affected and there is physical problems that go along with this. When the bathroom dream comes along it will be helpful to go back to meditation, dreams, therapy etc. to get help with letting the emotions go. She nodded her head.

photo 3-312

Meditation garden

Her sister told Rose of a repeating dream of having money and even though she knows someone will steal it she still leaves it down. Rose asked her who the thief might be? She said, “I do not know”. Then Rose suggested that she is stealing from herself. There is something she intuitively knows is of great value (spiritual side) but she lets go of it under pressure, even thought she knows it is of great value to her. She was surprised at first to consider that she is the thief stealing from her own inner wealth, blocking off her own inner life. She said she knew exactly what Rose was talking about.

photo 4-284

Waterfall at the Meditation Garden

Rose also wants to share a dream given to her by a dreamer about a “terrible cheating boyfriend” she had in the past. Rose suggested that she has a cheating part inside herself. “Never” she said. But what about the inner cheating, when we cheat ourselves out of good health, a relationship with ourselves, others, family, God, happiness, love, peace, patience etc. She asked for Rose’s business card. She wanted help with decision making but Rose pointed out the dreams do not tell you what to do, only where the energy wants to go as can be seen by the final image in the dream. The initial image tells you where you and your energies are at the present time.


I am home again and busy with workdays and listening to dreams from anyone who has the wisdom to remember them or even from someone who offhandedly tell me they raised someone from the dead in their dream mortuary. I seriously think she is making progress and raising her teenage self from where she had been put away in the cold place.

photo 1-341

Happy meditating and praying at the beach.

Mandalas are the order of the day and are subject to perusal. They are such lovely surprises, like the sun coming up sneakily. All grey and then bam… there it is, a shocking glowing coal on the horizon.  The colors used in the mandala are pinpointed also as they tell their own story, whether it is a color that indicates wounds from childhood or healing. Love from Rose Marie.

















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