Red in the First Chakra

2017-04-10 10.23.43-1

Pansy in the morning light bringing in the colors of the two highest chakras at the same time.

Currently my knees and other joints are hurting, and I am trying to connect my dream, outlined below, to this effort I am making to heal my joints. I read that the first chakra, which is red energy, is the cause of my problem. The red of the first chakra ends up in the joints, as inflammation. My temperament causes the inflammation, which is my habitual way of thinking. A pinch of worry, a pound of grump, control, control, you know how it goes.

2017-04-10 16.11.28

Mandala of the unholy spirit in the knees.

I have had many healers try and heal me (and it does help for a couple of days or weeks or years) but I just keep missing the point that I have to confront my ways, my habits of thinking, for a deeper healing.

2017-03-31 12.24.01

I am in love with the blues and reds in this painting. Bringing the horses of the four lower chakras up the mountain for a meeting with what will help.

I will give away that thing that triggers me into grumpiness every time I see it. I will learn the words of the 62nd psalm(For you Oh Lord, my soul waits in silence) and sing it until it winds around my spine and brings back in that red energy from my joints. I will focus on my own stuff and let the stuff of others be theirs.

2017-03-31 14.47.04

Lovely art – not sure what stuff is in the bowls – four primary colors represented.

I will check in with my stomach and my level of relaxation as I focus. I will breath green into my heart. It is easy with the green grass coming up explosively and the green leaves of the trees filling the blue horizon. I will think in terms of cool blue and green in my knees. It looks like a kind of pointillism, very soft and filled with love. I am also treating my knees with castor oil packs, (Palma Christi, Palm of Christ in Europe) massage with peanut oil and soaking with Epsom salts among other remedies.

2017-04-01 14.21.01

A view from the high line in New York

In the meantime I accept my deformed knees as karma (maybe I caused someone to limp metaphor- ically. Past life possibility also.) and I am delighted that I still get to go around on them, for a whole week of pounding the pavements in New York, in and out of museums with beautiful paintings.

2017-04-02 21.35.42

Mandala inspired by art in New York

I dreamed last night I was at home in Derryhall, Ireland. A young man, maybe my nephew in Australia, had built an underground house, where there was a slurry pit. There was a corridor leading into a square box type house. No windows, good ventilation in the house. I was smoking a cigarette. I noticed that the soil around the house was dark and very rich, not sandy at all, what is known as black gold in the organic community. The house building has happened very quickly. I was surprised.

The above dream may be affirming me for this current take I have on myself. I love the image of the very rich soil, the feeling it will be easy to be within, to grow a garden without. I am going inward to treat myself. I am mindful of what I am doing. My dream may also be poking fun at me for smoking the odd cigarette.

May this marvelous spring weather, and this greening inside and outside continue, in me, in you and in all. May I reclaim my natural green self, row by row, and pull the red back to where it belongs in the first chakra, helping with digestion and healing of all sorts.

2017-03-31 13.49.03

Very old chalice in museum – a dream image given to me by a friend.

And if you have a dream you want to explore, whether it is one of a chalice that you light with a taper, or whether it is one of being chased and being deadly afraid and being given two paintings to put into yourself, please come see me and I will be in awe with you over such richness. All dreams are miraculous regardless of their content, and once we set fire to them in the crucible of our chalice minds and see that marvelous blue flame and feel the power against fears, we will be satisfied to do such work, to appreciate such work.

I am looking for a few good people to work with. If you have a spiritual practice, are willing to work with what your unconscious gives you, meditate, sing and pray, or any combination of the above, and want to deepen your spiritual practice, contact me on the contact tab on home page. Thanks.

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4 Responses to Red in the First Chakra

  1. Deepest gratitude for showing us HOW to work our deepest issues! This is so profoundly honest–a quality that is missing in so many of today’s seekers! When I read this i feel immense respect for this writes–She has the guts to be honest with self and others and she has the resolve to stay in the openness where miracles happen! Wonderful! And i love the NY vibe! ART ROCKS!!!!!!! This witnessing consciousness will take us to freedom from suffering! Freedom from form! Thank you for sharing!

    • rlongwort says:

      Felt intense about posting this last blog. I read a little from Jung’s red book in the night and it sure settled me. Sharing his own intensity and his insights always helps with this inner work. I meditated this morning and was more singled minded about ” For God alone, my Soul sits in silence.” Feeling very grounded again.

  2. Margot Bergman says:

    Hi Rose, Actually I didn’t find any “contact tab above” and “replying above this line” doesn’t do anything. I enjoyed this post. Just recently read a somewhat amusing article [can’t find it now] from a fellow who engaged in a 3-week practice of refraining from all complaining [out loud, I would assume]. The practice was to put an elastic band on one wrist and change it to the other wrist as soon as one catches oneself in a complaint… and start over, aiming for three weeks. Occasioned a little philosophical essay about just what constitutes a complaint in contrast to an observation. He was successful after several months. Thank you for your colorful variety of posts and, margot ps. I’d love to come to the concert but it’s at my bedtime.

    • rlongwort says:

      Many thanks for all your mindful comments. The contact tab is on the home page. I struggle with these pages but just found your comment her after looking around on the site for more minutes than I would like to admit to.

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