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The Complex and the Bees

Something always comes up to be learned on Kundalini Retreats. In my case I got into a complex that was formed as a toddler and reinforced all my life with due diligence from me. Now I hope to let it go, having seen how I lean into its negative space, so that I can take back a little piece of myself, the better to love with. Continue reading

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Leprechaun Relationship

She was sitting there in the sunshine, near the beach. She had made the annual pilgrimage to the water to get some carrageen moss, to feel the sea breezes and enjoy the August sunshine. The ocean was at its warmest, … Continue reading

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The Psychoanalytic Method on Retreat in Guatemala

  While in Guatemala, on retreat recently, working on the wounds of love, I had the experience of being a child again and of being abandoned by my grandmother. She left my family home, to live with her brother, the … Continue reading

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Anger Management Part 1

I taught Anger Management Groups in the past. Counting and walking away and watching the angry self talk is standard cognitive behavioral therapy for Anger Management. Watching for the signs that you are getting angry also helps. I always had … Continue reading

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