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Red Mist Dream

This blog is about referencing my source as I go. If I do not do that, do not have a compass for the Divine, I am lost in the mist. We have a compass of intuition that continually helps us … Continue reading

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Red in the First Chakra

Currently my knees and other joints are hurting, and I am trying to connect my dream, outlined below, to this effort I am making to heal my joints. I read that the first chakra, which is red energy, is the … Continue reading

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Of the Cats and Third Eyes

About the cats and the weather. The spring garden has a different look this morning, equally beautiful. The emotions it raises in me raises my vibrations. Tiger is stressed about the snow. It may be the first time he had … Continue reading

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  The traveller is sitting on a camel in a tight knit caravan. They are on a very long journey from the East. The toes of the camel come into view for a second as he lopes along in a … Continue reading

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About My Father’s Business

I have a memory of being with my father in the morning, when he went down to the sheds, to use the tractor. I followed him to be near him. My head was a bundle of fuzzy curls on top, … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Guetamala

I am very happy to say I will be joining Seri Amrita Kaur on her wonderful tour later in the Summer. Her web site is Here is what she put on her site about me. DREAM THERAPY I am … Continue reading

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